Kaziranga National Orchid & Biodiversity Park

Welcome To Orchid And Biodiversity Park

The Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park is located at the distance of 2 km from the Central Range of Kaziranga, Kohora Chariali. The park is sprawling in the area of around 6 acres in the Durgapur village and is considered as the largest orchid park in the Northeast belt of India. The park has multiplied the glory of the Kaziranga in many folds. The Orchid Park boasts of having more than 500 varieties of wild orchids, 132 species of sour fruits and leafy vegetables, 46 species of bamboo, 12 species of cane and many other plants along with various species of local fishes.

Kaziranga National Orchid Park – The Largest Orchid Park In India

kaziranga National Park is basically known to have the highest population of one horned Rhinoceros. But the missing link in the serenity of Kaziranga tourism has been now fulfilled by national orchid and Biodiversity Park. The Assam’s Kaziarnaga fauna landscape has definitely got a new picture with the introduction of the Kaziranga Orchid and Biodiversity Park. Apart from tea and petroleum, Assam is best known for an ample variety of orchids. Orchids belong to a cosmopolitan family plant with complex flowers that are often showy. It also acts as a symbol of our national heritage.

kaziranga orchid flower
kaziranga orchid flowers

There are around 35000 varieties of orchids in the world with approximately 1314 verities found in India. And very interestingly, about 850 verities found in north-east India with 402 varieties found only in Assam.

The Kaziranga Orchid National park is an abode of more than 600 species of wild orchids collected from all across the north-east India region. This beautiful orchid have been placed amidst wild state in order to give complete natural ambience taking visitors as close to nature as possible. The whole variety is preserved in a greenhouse together with some hybrid varieties; some of them have been exclusively collected from local region of the state.

Why Kaziranga National Orchid And Biodiversity Have Been Established ?

The paradises of North East India have been established with two major intentions. The very first reason is to preserve the great verities of Orchids and secondly to create awareness among the general public about this wonderful creation of nature. This park gives full certificate to North-East India that it is a hub to very rare biodiversities found in India and should be protected and preserved.

Apart from these, park also boasts of a medicinal plant garden, rice museum along with a product distribution centre, a separate garden for local fruits and flowers and a dedicated space for native species of fishes. And dense forest area that have various native species of trees grown apart from its cultural centers. Do not forget to see native species of bamboo and cane inside the park.

Recommended Itinerary For Your Visit To Kaziranga National Orchid And Biodiversity Park

Day 1 - Arrive Guahati and transfer to Kaziranga (230 Kilometers/05 Hours Drive)

After you arrive at Guahati airport get ready for next journey to Kaziranga National Park. We transfer you by surface in a comfortable executive vehicle. Upon arrival at the Kaziranga complete check-in formalities at the hotel. Enjoy free evening with tribal or Bihu dance (subject to availability) by log fire under bamboo groove along with dinner. Overnight stay in a wildlife lodge.

Day 2 - Enjoy Jungle Safari in Kaziranga National Park – Kaziranga Orchid Park

Early morning you may go for an elephant safari into the Kaziranga National Park from the Bagdoi safari range area. Later in the day you may discover India’s most thrilling wildlife experience in an open jeep safari into the kaziranga National Park from the Khora safari range area. Complete local sightseeing and ask our local executive to take you for the sightseeing and plan your visit to Kaziranga Orchid Park. Once you complete you’re your tour to orchid park come back to hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3 - Kaziranga - Guwahati & Transfer To Delhi

Take breakfast/tea/coffee and check out from the hotel on time. Drive to Guwahati by surface in a comfortable vehicle. Reach Guahati that connects flight to Delhi or your desired destination. Return home with wonderful memories of your holidays spent.