Elephant Safari in Kaziranga

Do you want to experience the exhilarating jungle Safari? Are you an adventure lover? If your answer is yes then how about an absolute elephant safari in the tropical semi-evergreen forests, rocky landscapes and tall thickets grass of Kaziranga National Park? Definitely, you will love this great idea to amble over the lowlands at an attitude of 9-10 ft high. Elephant safari in Kaziranga is the best way to observe the breathtaking view of the mysterious wild jungle, world famous one-horned Rhinos and numerous variety of flora and fauna. There is no alternative way to relish the fascinating wildlife tour than taking ride on a majestic elephant.

Elephant Safari tour is a fabulous selection of itineraries aimed for people who wish to see the forests of varied topography and capture a glimpse of wild animals more closely. Since the maximum area of the park is easily accessible so one could closely see the herds of one-horned rhinos roaming around. It gives you a chance to view animals in their natural habitat at close quarters and thus the rich fauna of Kaziranga coverts your trip into the rewarding experience.

Safari Zones in Kaziranga National Park :

Kaziranga National Park also called as the "Hotspot of Biodiversity" has the total extent of 430 square kilometers. The park is split into four zones namely: the Central or Kaziranga range, the Western or Bagori range, the eastern of Agaratoli range and the Burapahar range. Elephant rides timing and routes are decided by the park management. The park authority retains the right to change the timing and routes. Usually, guests prefer to take safari in the western zone where they will have chance to get close view of the rhinos. Do not make any perception about a particular zone because all zones take you to the heart of the park and there is no such bad zone. Every zone is unique in term of forests, grasslands, density of mammals & bird, land topography, terrains etc.

  • Central Range or Kaziranga Range: The starting point of the central range is Mihimukh riding tower. Guests can take elephant safari in this range maximum for one hour. Safari rides passes through the Dagland and Foliomari area. The designated safari routes for central range is : (Mihimukh - Kathpora -Daphlang - Diffolu River Bank -Mona Beel - Karasing & back).
  • Western Range or Bagori: The starting point of this famous economic zone is at Bagori headquarter. Usually, guests prefer to take safari in the western zone where they will have chance to get close view of the one-horned rhinos. The designated safari routes: (Ongabeel -Rouman - Rajapukhuri -Monabeel & back).
  • Eastern Range or Agaratoli: The entry point of this range is at Agaratoli headquarter. Maximum one hour time slot is allotted for one safari trip. This range is considered perfect for viewing water birds such as Bengal Florican, White-eyed Pochard and fish eagle. The elephant safari routes is: (Agratoli Sohola beel - Rongamotia -Maklung - Turturoni - Dhoba & back).
  • Burapahar Range: The starting point of this last zone is near Rhinoland Park. Tourists can enjoy safari rides maximum for one hour in a shift. Approx 17 Kms path is dedicated and passes through the Horakati - Potahibeel - Diffalu - Tunikati and back with designated stop at Tunikati Tower.

Elephant Safari Range

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Burapahar Rnage (Ghorakati)

05:30 to 07:30 AM

15:00 to 16:00 hrs

Eastern Range (Agaratoli)

05:30 to 07:30 AM

15:00 to 16:00 hrs

Kaziranga Range (Kohora)

05:30 to 07:30 AM

15:00 to 16:00 hrs

Western Range (Bagori)

05:30 to 07:30 AM

15:00 to 16:00 hrs

Safari Charges :

Before making entry to the park tourists are required to obtain tickets for the safari one day before from the Kohora range on payment of requisite fee. Indian nationals have to pay Rs. 450/- for elephant seat per trip while foreign nations are required to pay Rs. 1000/- for the same. Apart from this tourists have to obtain park entry fee by paying just 50/- and foreigners have to pay 500/-. There are two designated safari points in the Kaziranga National Park, one at Mihimukh in the Central (Kohora) Range and another at Bagori in the Western Range. At Bagori, the elephants belong to private owners who have been permitted to carry tourists on trained elephants.

Safari Booking Details :

There are four booking place for the different safari zones in the Kaziranga National Park. Elephant safari for Burapahar Range can be obtained from the Range office Ghorakati while the second range office Agaratoli is dedicated to eastern zone of Kaziranga National Park. The third booking place is Bagori from where travelers can obtain the safari tickets for the most exclusive western zone of the park. Safari ticket for the Kaziranga zone can be obtained from the centenary convention center, Kohora.

An Ideal Itinerary for Elephant Safari in Kaziranga :

Day 01: Arrive Guwahati :- On arrival at Guwahati airport/ Railway station you will be transferred to Kaziranga National Park by surface in a comfortable vehicle. The approximate distance between Guwahati to Kaziranga is 230 Kms and it takes 05 hrs to reach by road. Arrive Kaziranga and first complete check-in procedure at the hotel. Enjoy hot lunch and rest of the day you can utilize in visiting local villages or nearby sightseeing. Dinner will be served at the hotel, overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 02: Kaziranga Elephant Safari Sightseeing: Early morning get ready for the elephant safari from the hotel to western range which is a part of Kaziranga National Park. Morning safari (05:30 AM to 06:30 AM) is considered good for wildlife viewing. Enjoy the beauty of Kaziranga Jungle and experience its wonderful sights, while capturing the glimpses of varied flora & fauna. This haven is nothing less than paradise for nature lover and wildlife enthusiasts. Back to hotel for lunch, dinner & overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 03: Departure : Enjoy a comfortable night at the hotel and get up early in the morning. Feel fresh and have a breakfast and drive back to Destination. Reach Guwahati airport or railway station to catch flight or train for onward journey.