Best Time to Visit Kaziranga

Being the only national park in the world with such a massive population of the Asiatic one-horned rhinoceros, the Kaziranga national park is located in the Northeastern part of Indian Territory. It is a most acclaimed tourist destination for the varied wildlife that is the natural habitat of this national reserve forest.

The Kaziranga remains open from November to April every year for the tourists to enjoy the wildlife safari. For the remaining time of the year, the park is closed for any tourism activity due to the rainy season. Due to the heavy rain in the area, the Kaziranga forest land gets under the flood water of the Brahmaputra as the most of the forest sprawled on and around the Brahmaputra river floodplains.

However, the park can be explored any day during November to April within the allowed visiting hour. The weather is moderate and pleasant during these months, except a bit high cold during the peak of the winter season. You have to be a bit cautious while visiting Kaziranga for the safari during winter season otherwise, the weather is enjoyable with the mild and pleasing atmosphere.

After the rainy season, when the park opens for the tourism activity in November the climate of the park happens to be very pleasant. As the monsoon weather just ended, the entire forest got an amazing green cover along with the abundance of the water bodies which soothes the eyes with its fabulous raw beauty. From November to the mid-December, the season is pleasant and considered as the best time to visit.

The winter season starts from the month of December and lasts till the February and during this period, except the duration from mid-December to mid-January, the weather is cold but it is not so harsh but pleasantly cold. So, visiting Kaziranga during this period can be fun and no any extra preparation is needed. But, during the time between mid-December and mid-January, you have to carry the warm woolen clothes and other necessary things if you are sensitive to the cold weather.

The months of the March and April are having the spring season with the moderate weather. During the day, you will feel a bit of warm weather, but it cools down as day descends. The tourism activity increases during these months of the year as the weather is lovely and you don't have to carry more stuff with you as like in the cold season. So, according to the most of the tourists, the best time to visit the Kaziranga reserve forest is November, February and April who want to avoid the bitter cold weather. But, who likes the cold weather can delve on the Kaziranga tour in December and January as well.