Tourist Attractions in Kaziranga

Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari is obviously the most preferred tourist activity for the visitors to the Kaziranga National Park. However, there are many other tourist places apart from the Kaziranga NP which you can visit while holidaying in the Kaziranga. There is plenty of nature getaways exists around the Kaziranga to be explored and enjoyed which are wildlife sanctuaries, Bird Sanctuaries, Waterfalls, Tea Estates, etc. If you are not holidaying with a time constraint then here are a few places around the Kaziranga where you must visit to get the memorable experience of the place and enjoy your holiday to the fullest-

Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park:

The Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park is located at the distance of 2 km from the Central Range of Kaziranga, Kohora Chariali. The park is sprawling in the area of around 6 acres in the Durgapur village and is considered as the largest orchid park in the Northeast belt of India. The park has multiplied the glory of the Kaziranga in many folds. The Orchid Park boasts of having more than 500 varieties of wild orchids, 132 species of sour fruits and leafy vegetables, 46 species of bamboo, 12 species of cane and many other plants along with various species of local fishes.

Orang National Park

Orang National Park or Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park, which is also known as the mini Kaziranga National Park, is located in the Darrang and Sonitpur districts of the state of Assam at a distance of approx 100 km from the Kaziranga NP. Spread over the area of around 79 sq km, the park is highly enriched in wildlife which consists of one-horned Rhino, tiger, elephant, leopard, deer, sambar and many others. The park is also famous for bird watching due to the presence of a large number of exotic migratory birds and domestic birds.

Tea Gardens, Kaziranga

Visiting at any of the few Tea Gardens around the Kaziranga will be an amazing experience for you. The Tea Gardens of Hathkhuli, Borchapori and few others are the major attraction for the tourist visiting the Kaziranga.

Kakochang Waterfall:

Kakochang Fall is also a well-known tourist attraction near Kaziranga. The remains of the historical Numaligarh can also be viewed from this place. The waterfall is located about 13 km from the Bokakhat, a place in the Jorhat Region of Assam. Situated between the Kaziranga National Park and Bokakhat, it is a prominent local eat-outside picnic spot. Few of the famous attractions nearby this waterfall are ruins of Numaligarh, ruins of Deoparbat or Deopahar, landscapes of tea, coffee, and rubber farms.

Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is named after the Hoolock Gibbon- an only Ape which is found in India and the Hollong- a dominant tree species in this region. It is a small sanctuary spread over the small area of around 21 sq km in the Jorhat district of Assam. The landscape is having evergreen patches of greenery like semi-forest amidst the tea farms and villages. Also known as the Hollongapar Reserve Forest, this wildlife sanctuary is a famous tourist spot near the Kaziranga.